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It’s Not Too Late to Avoid Paying ObamaCare Fines

Ticking Clock

Government extends deadline to sign up for healthcare coverage 24 hours

Is it safe to use the government website to sign up for health insurance?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We understand that for the last few weeks, you’ve have been buying presents, attending and hosting holiday parties and now it is already Christmas Eve and you’ve finally made it down your to-do list to look into the whole purchasing health insurance.

Health-Insurance Deadline Extended

Monday was officially the last day to sign up for health insurance through the federal HealthCare.gov website if you wanted to have coverage by January 1, 2014. Federal officials made a last minute decision over the weekend and extended the deadline 24 hours to allow people to sign up for coverage that will begin on January 1st according to The Wall Street Journal. If you still haven’t signed up by midnight on December 24th, there is still some good news.

It’s Not Too Late

The good news is that you still don’t sign up by midnight, you can still avoid the fine by getting health insurance now. Last week in an article called Health Insurance Enrollment Time Clock is Ticking, I shared a few ways that you may be exempt from ObamaCare or from paying a fine.

First, let me explain the fine you could be facing if you do not purchase health insurance for 2014. The fine for 2014 is $95 or 1.0% of your income.

You Can Still Avoid Paying ObamaCare Fines

According to HealthCare.gov,

“Under certain circumstances, you won’t have to make the individual responsibility payment. This is called an “exemption.” You may qualify for an exemption if: You’re uninsured for less than 3 months of the year”

How Do I Purchase Health Insurance?

Now that you know you can still sign up for health insurance, you may be wondering how to do that. You’ve heard all the drama with the Healthcare.gov website, but that was weeks ago. Is it safe to sign up for health insurance now?

According to ABCNews.com, CMS chief information security officer Teresa Fryer stated,

“The federal contractor, MITRE Corporation, that oversees security of the website defines a ‘high finding’ as a risk of ‘significant political, financial and legal damage’ if the technical vulnerability is exploited. One high finding was reported in November, the other earlier this week.”

At this point it looks from the information published by ABC that your information may not be safe on the website. Luckily that isn’t the only way to purchase health insurance.

At Benefits Age, we can take the headaches out of looking for and purchasing the perfect health plan for your family. We are more than happy to find a plan that works for your family that is comprehensive and affordable. If you have any questions, please contact my office. Have a wonderful holiday everyone!

847-397-5300 or toll free 800-317-0181, ext. #306


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