My client states he sees my Red Hat

I appreciate your response I think a better analogy would be I have a “blue dog” then a red hat. I am personally in favor for everybody to have health care closer to the Democrats talking expanded Medicare for everybody. I would like to see everybody qualify for Medicare with the opportunity to buy an insurance supplement for those peoples whose doctors and hospitals opt out of Medicare. I believe there’s a big difference between medical insurance and health care. In fact I would argue that they are two different things that are often confused as one. If the employer’s medical cross could be reduced buy a simple 1% tax of payroll and it would provide a Medicare like benefit for everyone. The employer can choose to purchase private insurance significantly less cost then currently available to them. As far as the waitress you mentioned I don’t think anybody should ever have to make a decision about the cost of healthcare or taking care of their family with food and shelter. I don’t believe Health Care should ever be a worry of any family. The only way President elect Trump in my opinion can straighten out this mess is to have a public option low-cost public option. And when I say low cost I mean means-tested and I would really like to see you be free with the opportunity to purchase private insurance to access choice of medical providers. My thought is that doctors and hospitals would rather receive a Medicare assignment reimbursement at 100% of their billing then not to receive 50% of the bills currently under the private healthcare system. And then the doctors can choose whether or not they accept Medicare assignment and or private pay or private insurance.

I did meet with some people today a man 66 and a spouse is 59 retired city employees police officers and he’s able to go on Medicare and she’s not able to get a medical plan that has her doctors in the program and her costs are going to be upwards of $800 a month. Their first question is how are we going to afford this?

So just to be clear I believe the only way the president-elect can correct the situation is to have an expansion of the Public Health Care system and look at ways to provide Medicare to everyone over period of time. And if that leads us to a single-payer system that allows one to purchase private insurance for selection then I think that is something that we need to explore and to be honest with you I don’t see why that would be a bad thing. Small business and large business health care costs will drop dramatically and consumers would be in the position to purchase private insurance to increase their ability to choose Physicians. Medical providers could either accept Medicare assignment or not. They could be private pay or Insurance paid which is basically the same thing. But in Cook County if we could cut the waist of administration in the public health care System and the redundancy of the city of Chicago in Cook County both having a public health care System and apply that monies to Patient Care I think you would see tremendous savings that he used to treat patients

I find it hard to believe that the current Medicare system is supported by 1.65% payroll tax and it funds a risk pool of a group of people for the most part over 65 and we can’t apply a payroll tax and affordable payroll tax that would support a risk pool under the age of 65. So you’re talking about an average payroll what’s a $50,000 and 1% employer tax which is about $500 n even if you expanded at a 1% match of the employee and it was on everybody that should easily support people for basic health care Medicare type programs under the age of 65. I understand that there’s the component for Medicare under age 65 recipients but the numbers I have proposed can’t be that far off of supporting the risk pools I speak
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My only concern with this approach is we need to maintain Quality Healthcare medical practitioners need to have an incentive to go to medical school and practice medicine. Historically we have punished doctors and made them practice defensive medicine and it has had an adverse effect on us. So any approach we take as a nation needs to maintain the high quality Healthcare that the United States is known for. When the King of Jordan had cancer he came to the United States he went to Mayo Clinic. Because we have the best health care practices in the world. And so do many other people that can’t afford it come to the United States because of the medical practice here.

We need to take care of our community first.

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