1) Your best instinct re what is going to happen with Republican controlled House and Senate when those two bodies and now Trump have highest priority to repeal and replace Obamacare . How promptly will they do it , with what is it likely to be replaced ;

I believe that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will be the one of the very first things that will be addressed. President Elect Trump doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate so radical changes will be difficult. Although He can do some things through budget reconciliation process, some of the workings of the ACA are pretty en-grained and would be very difficult to reverse. I do not see a repeal of everything, but do see amending many of things that should have been done over the last few years. Issues like:

• Eliminating mandating coverage for certain procedures, allowing people to tailor medical plans:
• Eliminating Employer fines for not covering full time employees (redefining full time employees: currently at 30 hours);
• Keeping the guarantee issue clause impact;
• Allowing insurance companies to control risk pools and profits;
• Allowing insurance companies to offer polices across State lines; and
• Repeal Community rating formulas

There is no way for Congress to take away insurance plans for 15 million people.

2) If you were Trump health insurance czar , what would you lead him to do , what plan ? Where do I read it ? What is likely to be the result re such a plan with the many million new people covered now?

Well asking me might be a little surprising. First of all I believe that everyone is entitled to healthcare from the time they are born until they die. I don’t believe that people should suffer to purchase medical insurance. Also I believe there is world of difference between healthcare and medical insurance. That being said here are a few of my ideas:

• Expanding the public health care systems currently in place. Cook County Health system/hospital (CCHS) treated about 1.5 million people a year prior to ACA. (The number is much greater today because of the ACA funding) The population of Cook County is around 5.2 million. So that means almost 30% of the Cook County already uses the tax payer funded healthcare system. All major cities in the US have a public healthcare system by law, so why not start by expanding the systems in place and fixing the inefficiently there.

• Veterans administration (VA) the VA has some of the best medical practice outcomes in the world. The major issue (as with the CCHS) is the inefficient administration not the care one receives once in the system.

• Require publicly funded healthcare systems to perform financially in line with private systems;

• Expand Community base health plans through private/public funding and shared technology and services;

• Increase Health Saving Accounts through tax credits;

• Let insurance companies control risk pools and reserves;

• Increase preventative wellness awareness through different type of incentive programs; and

• Expand Medicare gradually for everyone with incentives in such a way that one would purchase a private insurance supplement.

The fact that people are not covered and use the emergency room for services drives the cost for those who have insurance. Medical providers raise the cost to medical insurance companies to offset their losses from those that do not have coverage.

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