Accidental death and dismemberment is no laughing matter, and it happens all too often in the United States. Sadly enough, many of these accidents, deaths, and injuries could not have been predicted. While some deaths in the US can be attributed to hazardous environmental conditions, there are many others that don’t provide something to point the finger at. To protect the futures of your loved ones, accidental death and dismemberment insurance is critical to ensuring that your family has enough financial resources to sustain them during their time of need. Though there are many ways that life can throw a curveball that results in accidental death, the following are the top 5 causes.
Choking and Breathing Related Accidents

Though most people wouldn’t dream that choking is one of the top 5 leading causes of accidental death, it is more dangerous than you think. While pills and food can easily cause obstructions that result in fatalities, there are other causes such as carbon monoxide and even swimming accidents that result in drowning.
Accidental Fires

Fire related fatalities are the fourth leading cause. While there are things you can do to protect yourself such as installing smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and planning an evacuation route, fires still continue to catch people off guard. Even though most people have the common sense to avoid behaviors that would lead to a fire, sometimes people will accidentally leave the oven or clothes iron on. You can certainly take measures to reduce the risk of an accidental fire, but insurance for these types of situations is still necessary given how often they occur despite our most prudent safety measures.
Slips and Falls

Believe it or not, slips and falls account for a high number of accidental deaths. Most frequently these accidents happen in cold weather as a result of ice and snow, but they can also be caused by property owners who fail to maintain a safe premise. Obstructions and holes in walkways have been the cause of accidental death in the past, but a shockingly high number of these accidents occur inside the home. Bathrooms can be very slick, and without a railing or bar to grab onto in the shower many people are leaving themselves vulnerable to an unfortunate fatal accident.

Poison is near the top of the list of causes of accidental deaths, and most of these are in some way related to medicine. For example, some people have an adverse reaction to a new drug or fail to follow the medicine’s guidelines and end up overdosing. These types of accidents also account for pharmaceutical errors and mistakes where the wrong drug was administered.
Auto Accidents

The leading cause of accidental death is, of course, auto accidents. They have been the leading cause for years, and they include vehicle collisions as well as pedestrian accidents. The root causes of these accidents could be cause by alcohol, inattentiveness, sleep deprivation, smart phones, or a small moment of distraction as a driver takes their eyes off the road to change the radio station.
In Summary

Though we can’t always predict what life will hurl our way next, there are certainly measures you can take to protect the futures of your loved ones. Accidental death and dismemberment insurance is a necessity for anyone who wants to make sure their families aren’t further burdened in their absence. To discuss your options, just reach out to Benefits Age today.

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