So much talk about repealing President Obama’s signature domestic policy but has anyone really proposed valid solutions?  Let’s start by looking what is wrong with the current system, besides the out of control rising costs. First of all the Affordable Care Care (ACA) has buried in it coverage that most Americans don’t need or simply do not want. Things like maternity, birth control, pediatric dental coverage to name a few are coverage that people use to have a choice in purchasing prior to the ACA.  Whether these benefits add costs to an individuals coverage is not important as the issue has become that the ACA trouts all the benefits that having this coverage is good for everyone and  the perception of the American people is they are paying for things that they will never use. If costs were affordable the enhanced coverage would not be an issue. But costs are rising faster then ever. Since the increased costs are  due to the enhancement of the ACA younger people who may have never needed medical insurance weight the costs versus the fine associated with not having insurance. So the people that purchase medical insurance on and off the insurance exchange are either older responsible people or persons with medium and high ongoing medical conditions for the most part.  The first thing that needs to happen with ACA is to allow people to purchase insurance programs that allow them to tailor to their individual needs not what the federal government thinks they need. Before ACA, people were able to buy plans to cover catastrophic losses that were affordable. ACA has forced people to purchase plans that they see no value and are too expensive.  A 50 year old man having maternity coverage  or pediatric dental coverage is not appealing to anyone.

Step One:Federal government drop the benefit mandates and allow the individual states the right to dictate the mandate on coverage for their residents. 






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